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Skin Care Charlottetown

Skin Care Charlottetown

While male and female pattern baldness is usually considered permanent, there are certainly measures you can take to slow it down, treat it and in some cases reverse it.

Set up an appointment for a free scalp evaluation and we will recommend a regimen that will offer good hair nutrition, block DHT formation, unplug clogged follicles, and increase scalp circulation. This formula encourages many follicles to be stimulated back to their normal growth cycle.

Due to advancements in the field of scalp rejuvenation, treatments such as PRP Therapy, Mesotherapy and LLLD Therapy are now being used as effective tools to fight hair loss. We also have available Scalp Camouflage tattooing, a micro pigmentation procedure simulating hair follicles.

Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP Therapy

One of the most effective treatments today is our Physician administered PRP Therapy. It involves the extraction of our patient’s own blood, separating out the plasma with centrifugal technology and then our Doctor injecting it back into the thinning scalp areas.

This platelet rich plasma is full of adult stem cells which stimulate weak & shallow follicles to become stronger and deeper.

On average this treatment is recommended every two months for approximately three sessions and once per 8 to 12 months there after.

PRP sessions are often combined with Scalp Mesotherapy monthly, LLLD therapy weekly, and home care daily.

Scalp Mesotherapy:

Involves the production of numerous micro-channels to the middle/dermal layer of the scalp. While administering Hair Growth Factors: vitamins, minerals, collagens, acids, and enzymes.

This treatment increases blood circulation to the scalp and clears blocked follicles of excess sebum, allowing for thicker healthier hair growth.

Hair Growth Factors boost hair follicle cell metabolism, and they work to block DHT (hair thinning testosterone) thereby stimulating many follicles back to their normal growth pattern.

On average this treatment is recommended every month for 6-10 months and once per year thereafter.

LLLD Low Level Light Diode therapy

Is a treatment of the scalp with low level light to increase circulation and block DHT production. It nurtures and protects follicle growth and scalp health. Stimulating many follicles back to their normal growth patterns.

On average this 30 minute treatment is recommended once or twice per week for six to eight weeks. And once per month thereafter.

Home care products: each of our clients undergoes a scalp and follicle assessment to determine which home care program is best for their situation. Shampoo, treatments, conditioners, styling products, home care devices are all available.

If you are concerned with thinning hair call us for a free consultation and scalp evaluation. We can give you lots of information and set up a program to best suit your budget and situation.